Hanoi on a Tray

Monday-Sunday: 8:00 – 22:00
Last order: 21h30

You don’t have to walk far in Hanoi to find these amazing dishes! Rice Bistro brings you 4 of the best Hanoi’s local dishes on “Tester Tray Appetizer”.

Maybe you’ve already known that Pho has been cooked for decades and it’s not only an emblem of Hanoi but also of Vietnam. Pho (beef/chicken noodle) is the first choice for this combo! We sure that you will be charmed by sweet and pure taste of its sauce together with some tender pieces of beef or chicken. The strings of rice noodle (Banh Pho) is pure, soft and a alitle bit crunchy.

The rest dishes of this Tray are Mango Salad, Hanoi Spring roll/Hue Spring roll/Fresh roll. With Spring rolls, you have a lot of choices from ingredients such as vegetable/pork/shrimp that is light and healthy. This will totally get you out of down mood and enjoying truly Hanoi.

Tester Tray Appetizer
Combination of:
– Beef/chicken noodle
– Mango Salad
– Hanoi Spring roll + Hue Spring roll
– Fresh roll with vegetable, pork, shrimp

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